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Water Heater Maintenance West Palm Beach

Water heaters are a significant investment for homeowners, and dramatically impacts the quality of your showers as well as the operation of several hot-water-using appliances in your home. The decision between tank water heaters and tankless water heaters can be a difficult one. On average, your water heater should last anywhere from eight to thirteen years, depending on whether you’ve chosen a tank water heater or a tankless model.

Once you choose the right water heater for your home, you want it to last as long as possible. The degree to which you perform maintenance on your water heater can drastically affect the length of time it provides your home with clean, hot water. The best way to improve the longevity, energy efficiency, and effectiveness of your water heater is to schedule regular maintenance with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

About Our Scheduled Maintenance

Our expert technicians will come to your home as scheduled and perform regular maintenance as approved by the manufacturer of your water tank. Water heaters differ in their method of heating our water, and the maintenance suggested for each type differs as well. Overall, Benjamin Franklin’s Palm Beach County technicians can perform maintenance on multiple types of tank water heaters as well as tankless models.

Tank Water Heater Maintenance

● Test Pressure Relief Valves. The pressure relief valve prevents your tank water heater from building up too much pressure, which can cause it to explode. Once the pressure gets too high, the valve opens to displace it through a discharge pipe. Your pressure relief valve should be checked during regular maintenance and may need replaced if ineffective or leaking.

● Check anode rods. The anode rod in a tank water heater serves to attract the corrosive materials in your water so they do not collect on the heating element or interior of the tank. Regular checks of the rod and replacement every few years can lengthen the life of your water heater tank.

● Flush the tank. Even with an anode rod, corrosive materials and sediment still build up within your tank. The tank should be flushed to prevent excessive buildup of sediment, which can harm the heating element and the tank itself.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

● Flush the water heater. Excessive amounts of sediment inside your tankless water heater can harm the heating element. Tankless heaters should be flushed at least yearly, or more often if you have hard water.

● Clean the air intake filter. The air intake filter prevents debris and dust from getting inside your tankless water heater. Cleaning the filter helps air continue to flow into the unit.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

To schedule regular routine maintenance or request one-time maintenance, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our expert technicians will service your water heater and leave it functioning better than ever, lengthening its lifespan.