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Is your home already equipped with a tankless water heater? Or, maybe you’re looking to replace your current water heater with a top-of-the-line tankless water heater installed by Benjamin Franklin. No matter when you made the decision to take the step up in your water heating investment, our Palm Beach County technicians know tankless water heaters and will replace, install, repair, or maintain your tankless water heater with ease.

Benjamin Franklin Palm Beach County has compiled a list of common tankless water heater FAQs to help you decide whether a tankless heater is right for you. If you have questions not addressed here, feel free to contact us today and we would be happy to answer them.

What Is a Tankless Heater?

Tankless water heaters are very compact heating units that heat your water on demand. Unlike a traditional water heater, there is no need to heat a large tank of water repeatedly. Tankless water heaters can provide an unlimited amount of hot water by heating water as you use it.

What Are the Benefits of Tankless Heaters?

Primarily, tankless heaters never run out of hot water as there is no reservoir to draw upon. Since there is no need to continuously heat a large tank of water, tankless heaters are much more energy efficient than traditional water heaters, using as much as 34% less energy per month – a cost savings of as much as $100 per year. Their much smaller footprint allows installations in places a traditional water heater would not fit. Finally, tankless heaters typically last much longer than traditional heaters – as much as twice as long in some cases.

What Maintenance Is Necessary?

Tankless water heaters require relatively little maintenance to maintain performance, but there is still one regular maintenance task you’ll want to schedule to keep your tankless heater running at optimum levels. Make sure to flush your tankless heater periodically to clear the sediment that builds up on the heat exchanger. Flushing twice per year can help keep your tankless heater running efficiently and ensure its life span.

Can You Install a Tankless Heater in Place of Your Existing Water Heater?

In most cases, a tankless water heater’s compact size allows its installation in practically any area of your home. If you wish to place it in the same spot as your current water heater, check your fittings – if your current heater is a gas model, you may need to retrofit the location to accommodate your new tankless heater.

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