Ben Franklin Sewer Replacement Service

Sewer Line Replacement in West Palm Beach

If your sewer pipes become displaced, the gaps in your sewer line will cause sewage and water to leak onto your property. If they become damaged or blocked completely, the interruption can cause sewage backup onto your property or into your home. Sewage backup into your home is both disgusting and dangerous, since sewage contains a number of pathogens like E. coli and salmonella.

Or, in the event that your sewer pump or sewage grinder breaks down, your unit will be unable to push sewage to your sewer or septic tank. As a result, sewage will back up and spill into your basement, yard, or home. It is important that you remedy any failure of your sewer pipes or the sewer pump and grinder as soon as possible, to prevent endangering your property and wellbeing.

Emergency Replacement

Most sewer pipe and pump failures are emergencies. You certainly don’t want to expose your home and family to dangerous sewage any longer than necessary. Our technicians are available 24/7 to diagnose and repair your emergency sewer issues.

Replacement services from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you ensure a continuous sewer line without leakage and a sewer pump or grinder. Our Palm Beach County technicians are knowledgeable and can help you determine the cause of the sewage flow into your home or yard, as well as the extent of the services you need. Often, the problem can be addressed on the same day it is diagnosed.

Pipe Replacement

If a recent sewer inspection revealed tree root blockage, gaps, or other crucial sewer issues that have not yet become a severe issue, our pipe replacement service can prevent complete system failure before it occurs. Our technicians will repair or replace your pipe, ensuring a system that flows smoothly with no blockages. Since replacement requires minimal excavation of your property, you’ll want to ensure a trusted expert is performing this delicate work – look no further than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Sewer Pump and Grinder Replacement

Sewer pump and grinder equipment helps your sewer system work in two separate – but equally important – ways. First, the grinder breaks down solid waste, reducing the likelihood that you will experience a blockage. Then, the pump sends the sewage to the sewer or septic system where it belongs. If you’ve noticed either your pump or grinder working at reduced capacity, it is important to have a technician inspect your equipment as soon as possible – with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you can rest assured that we can diagnose and replace your equipment same-day.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

If you’ve recently noticed a drop-off in the performance of your sewer line or sewer equipment, you may need to replace it. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a team of expert technicians trained to diagnose and respond to your issues. Contact us 24/7 for emergencies or reach out for an estimate at your earliest convenience.