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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers water testing services in Delray Beach for residents who feel that they need to know what is in their water. If you are wondering about the quality of your water, one of our experienced plumbers can come to test your water, and we will get back to you quickly with the results of your test. You may find many things in your water that are safe or harmful. There are solutions to the findings of your analysis, and our staff can help you figure out your next steps to giving you cleaner water to drink.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Water Tested

  • Your water doesn’t smell good.
  • Your water is discolored.
  • You don’t like the taste of your water.
  • The water in your home is staining your bathtub or sinks.
  • The chlorine smell is very strong.
  • You think the water may be making you or your family sick.

Water Softeners

A water softener system is used when you have hard water. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can find out if you have hard water by testing it and determining what is making your water “hard water.” This is usually minerals and other sediments in your water. While they may not hurt your health, they can taste bad and stain things in your home. Hard water is also responsible for wearing out appliances and water heaters quickly.

Reasons Why a Water Softener System Will Help You:

  • You will have less buildup of minerals in your pipes. This means they will need less repairing.
  • Your clothing will look nicer!
  • Your skin and hair will look and feel nicer.
  • Save more of your money! You will have less plumbing issues, and your appliances will last longer.
  • Your house will look nicer. Hard water can leave stains that are impossible to remove. You can find these stains in bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and even the outside of your home. Water softeners decrease these stains or eliminate the possibility of getting them.

Water Filtration

If you have the water at your home in Delray Beach tested and decide that you want clean water solutions, you will taste the benefits right away. You can get a filter for your drinking water at your kitchen sink, or you can get a water filtration system for your whole home and get many health benefits. Once Benjamin Franklin Plumbing performs our water testing service, you will be able to discuss the direct benefits of getting a water filter for your home.

Water Filtration Benefits:

  • The water in your Delray Beach home will taste clean and smell better.
  • Your filter may remove lead in your water. Lead is not healthy to ingest. It is important to have the water in your home tested and install a filter that removes lead if it is in your water.
  • If you buy bottled water, you will probably save money. You can also help the environment when you stop purchasing plastic bottles.
  • You may drink less chlorine, which is known to cause health problems.
  • Cleaner water is just better for your body.
  • Your water filter can eliminate bacterias that cause gastrointestinal illnesses.
  • It is easier to teach children to drink a lot of water if they can get it from the kitchen sink.
  • You can eliminate many toxins that exist in drinking water.`

Our Delray Beach water treatment plumbers are happy to test your water and provide solutions so that you can have the best water available in your home. Call us at (561) 300-6901!

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